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‘Zuma tactics may further divide ANC’

Zondo and Jacob Zuma

EX-PRESIDENT involves ZONDO’S RECUSAL Tensions of this nature are ‘normal’.

DAYS gone . Former president Jacob Zuma at the Commission of Inquiry into State Capture in July last year. he’s trying to wriggle out of appearing again.
Amid the ANC yesterday shrugging off as “normal” the strain between Jacob Zuma and Commission of Inquiry into State Capture chairperson, Deputy judge Raymond Zondo, political analysts have warned that the Zuma letter calling on Zondo to recuse himself could further polarise the party – already torn by factional divisions.

Alleging that Zondo was biased thanks to harbouring a private vendetta against him, stemming from “a historical personal, family and professional relations that need to are publicly disclosed”, Zuma has taken an unprecedented move to push for Zondo’s recusal.

Zuma’s letter followed Zondo’s recent warning during a media briefing that the embattled former president “must appear” before the commission from November 16 to twenty , to reply to allegations of state capture.

From sickness to “preparing for the deal case”, Zuma’s many reasons to evade the commission have led to Zondo deciding to not further negotiate dates for appearance.

ANC spokesperson Dakota Legoete said the Zuma-Zondo tension was “normal”. “I think he [Zuma] is exercising his individual right.

“He feels that there’s a drag of bias at the commission, sparked by being reprimanded through a press briefing, which he feels is uncalled for.

“The ANC position on the commission is consistent, therein we’ll still cooperate with the inquiry,” said Legoete.

Independent political analysts Dr Ralph Mathekga and Daniel Silke said the Zuma-Zondo standoff was likely to fuel more divisions within the ANC.

“The letter to Zondo will further divide the party along already defined factional lines,” said Mathekga. “Factionalism has continued to preoccupy the party for an extended time, rather than that specialize in real challenges like corruption and therefore the economy.

“This is an exercise which will compound problems, like factional divisions.

“The ANC is just too divided to effectively address the interior divisions, because party internal structures are too compromised to assist in healing the rift.”

Silke said: “For the ANC, the negative on Zuma is that it perpetuates the unease that fuels factionalism that already exists.

“The longer Zuma isn’t effectively addressed by the courts, the more this may cause unease and factionalism with the ANC.”

Zuma, said Silke, was “a worried and nervous man who has gone on a tangent” in responding to his many legal woes.

“I don’t know what personal issues he’s pertaining to in his letter to Zondo,” said Silke. “He is extremely nervous and worried about the potential of the Zondo commission tainting him further in state capture.

“He has gone on a tangent and is trying everything possible.

“This is another attempt on behalf of Zuma to further delay the possible implication of him in state capture. All he’s doing is trying to avoid testifying – once more delaying the method .

“Up so far , this has been a continuation of his old plan, which has been to obfuscate – a part of the Stalingrad strategy he has succeeded in thus far .

“The use of private issues to urge Zondo recused indicates that he his now playing his last card to undertake and avoiding appearing before the commission.”