ZUJ expresses concern with the manner the redundancy process at Times Printpak is being handled

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THE Zambia Union of Journalists (ZUJ) says it is disappointed and outraged by the manner in which management has mishandled the redundancy process at the Times Printpak.

In a statement, Union president Samuel Lukhanda said acting managing director Simate Simate and his team agreed to a road map with the union when they announced that the second batch of employees separating on the redundancy will be leaving on July 31, 2022 to avoid the mess they made on the first batch that has led to several court cases.

He said Mr Simate held meetings with employees assuring them that management had learnt their lessons and what transpired with the first batch where employees were underpaid, will not repeat itself.

Mr Lukhanda, however, said the agreed roadmap or the Collective Agreement in place have both not been respected.

“Yesterday, July 29, 2022 was the last working day for those separating with the company and as a Union, we were shocked to receive a memo from Mr Simate indicating that management has commenced paying terminal benefits without the beneficiaries being availed with terminal benefits pay slips.

It is common knowledge that employees are supposed to know their terminal benefits way before the last day at work but in the Times Printpak case, it was different,” he said.

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