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Zozibini Tunzi Pressures Silent Celebs To Pick A Side On #BlackLivesMatter

Zozibini Tunzi, Zozibini Tunzi, #BlackLivesMatter
Reigning Miss Universe, Zozibini Tunzi, has joined the global protest against racism, fuelled by the unjustified murder of George Floyd. The public figure took to Instagram on Sunday, 31 May 2020 to share her thoughts on the ongoing issue of racism, and even quoted Rihanna in her post. Coupled with images which supported the #BlackLivesMatter movement, Zozi spoke her mind on those who remain silent on the fight for equality.

She stated, “This time you don’t get to sit this one out. You don’t get to turn a blind eye. As a human being, it should also be your obligation to fight against racism and for another human’s life. As uncomfortable as it may be, we need to root this thing from the bottom up. Your silence is painful.”

Unlike her predecessors who have kept quiet about major social and political issues, Zozibini has used her Miss Universe title to speak about relevant topics that are close to her heart. Last week she commented on the racist tweets from Miss South Africa hopeful, Bianca Schoombee, and this week she used her voice for an even greater cause. You go, Queen!!


Old Insensitive Posts Almost Jeopardize Zozibini Tunzi’s Career

The viral hashtag #HandsOffZozi had people all over social media defending the beauty queen for her old Facebook posts.

Zozibini Tunzi saw the need to apologise for her old and insensitive Facebook posts that were directed at black people before they were even dug up.

Miss Universe saw the pedestal she was placed on when Bianca’s old racist and mean tweets were brought to light, saying that she was not deserving as she has her own skeletons.

Before her old posts were even brought to light, Zozi apologised for them which made Mzansi overlook the posts when they recently went viral.

Zozi’z old Facebook posts

Zozibini made a video of her apologising for these posts and others saying she is not proud of herself.

“When it hit me, I was taken aback. When I read those things, I thought surely I’m human and there must have been mistakes, you know, that I’ve made. I can’t really be as perfect as I’m made out to be,”

Towards the end she apologises: “I want to take the time to apologise for those posts that I’ve shared, to apologise to anyone that is or was affected by those posts and just to say that those posts are in direct contrast to who I am and everything that I stand for,” she said.

Whilst many were calling for her downfall just like Bianca, her supporters came to her defense chanting #HandsOffZozi:

Also, Read: ‘My uncle said I’d be on a magazine’ – Zozibini Tunzi

Miss Universe Zozibini Tunzi says being the May “Made in Africa” cover star for Cosmopolitan magazine is one of her childhood dreams come true.

The issue observes Africa Month by celebrating South African fashion designers and locally made beauty products.

Zozibini Tunzi is the perfect cover girl, having flown the SA flag high when she was crowned Miss Universe in December last year. She shares her inspirational story of how she bagged the coveted title and how she is rewriting the rules of beauty pageants.

She said the issue must serve as a powerful reminder to support local businesses and talent.

The Eastern Cape-born beauty shared fond childhood memories on Instagram of her uncle, who told her that she should be on a cover of a magazine – a dream that seemed too distant for a village girl.

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What an amazing feeling to wake up to such an accolade😭❤. This is a #MadeInAfrica issue featuring fashion and beauty products made in Africa by Africans. This gives all of us an opportunity to support local production and businesses post-lockdown. Thank you so much @cosmopolitansa for this honor, it is truly humbling. This actually reminds me of my late uncle, we used to call him Mchina. Everytime I came home kuTsolo even growing up as a child he used to say "awumhle MamTolo ngathi uzovela kwi khatarok(magazine🤣), ufanele yi katharok". Translated to "You look so beautiful like you should be on a magazine, you belong in a magazine". At that time this was something that seemed unattainable to a village girl sitting on a stoep with his uncle. It's so unfortunate he wasn't alive to see me win @missuniverse or his long dream of me being on a magazine. I do know that he is with the rest of the clan and God. Right now they are all smiling ❤ Hope you guys are staying home, self-isolating and now having some self-care with myself and COSMO! #COSMOxZozi

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