Zola 7 and team deny receiving any money from a foundation

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Zola 7 is allegedly very ill and an alleged foundation has started to raise money to get the star in good health.

The foundation was encouraged by Zola Hashatsi who rallied fans to donate to help Zola 7 get the treatment he needs.

However, it got to Zola 7’s hearing that a so-called foundation has been raised.

He and his team made it clear that they know nothing of it and that people should stop donating

In a statement made by his team at Z7 and Guluva Entertainment, sent to Daily Sun, Zola 7 made it clear that he knows nothing about the foundation and has not received any money towards treatment.

“Z7 Media and Guluva Records herby distance themselves from this foundation. We have no knowledge whatsoever regarding the business of this foundation and we wish to further state that this foundation was established without knowledge of Bonginkosi Dlamini (Zola 7) or any of his staff.”


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