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Zodwa Wabantu’s toned b00ty Wows Fans

Zodwa Wabantu, Zodwa Wabantu tightens vag!na

Whilst the rest of South Africa is packing on the pounds after eating their quarantine snacks in the first week of lockdown, Zodwa Wabantu has been hard at work maintaining her body. Her latest Instagram video, shared on Tuesday, 12 May 2020, shows the media personality enjoying her outdoor workout, whilst giving the camera the perfect money shot.

Her workout session saw Zodwa in her garden, alongside some gym equipment, whilst she jammed along to Kabza De Small’s Ggggg. Not one to shy away from showing her body, Zodwa’s booty was on full display, showing off her toned asset. She captioned the post with, “I’m Very Blessed. But I won’t stop being Isfebe.”

Uzalo actress, Dawn King, shared her praise for the reality star, commenting with, “I love you. You are motivating me… Keep on keeping on.” Fans also shared their jealousy on the post, with many claiming that they are jealous that she has been able to maintain her figure.

See the video here.

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