Zodwa Wabantu reasons chaos on Christmas day

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Zodwa Wabantu reasons chaos on Christmas day, as she tops the craze record after revealing her punani at a display.

The mom of person who is famously referred to as the pantless dancer pulled off her lingerie in entrance of a giant crowd.

However, any person who was once as regards to the degree made an specific video of the dancer appearing, and it’s long past viral on social media.

Some netizens rebuked her after looking at the video.

Zodwa is trying hard to stay relevant, by June 2022 she will be finished. She is finished now, the vjj showing stunt is the last trick in the book, after that you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour and move on to your new life and be like Jabu Pule and Junior Khanye,” a tweep stated.

Private part should remain a private. We can’t behave like ANIMALS and accept that is normal. Zodwa Wabantu’s conduct must be strongly condemned,” some other critic tweeted.

However, some people are soliciting for the main points of her subsequent match.

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