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Zodwa Wabantu Faces Arrest In Botswana


Zodwa Wabantu is without a doubt one of Mzansi’s most divisive entertainers, since she is frequently chastised for her vulgar attire and performances. However, it appears that she has made international enemies, as she may be imprisoned in Botswana.

According to recent reports, a warrant for her arrest has been issued in Botswana. She could be charged with breaking Botswana’s laws as well as Humanity Ethics. This stems from the fact that she dresses scantily and is a self-proclaimed pantyless dancer, frequently taking off her panties on stage, flashing her essentials, and allowing people to touch her improperly during her performances.

The performer was scheduled to appear at the Take It Easy Music Festival in Maun. The event organisers issued a statement on social media in which they stated that she will not be headlining their concert as previously scheduled.

According to the statement, even if the Botswana Police had not prevented her from attending the event, the Bogosi Leadership of Maun village, where the festival was to be held, would not have allowed her to perform there.

On the merits of the arrest warrant, Mzansi social media users are divided. Some support the decision, stating that she should be aware of the laws of the land in which she intends to perform and make every effort to observe them.

Others, on the other hand, have defended her, blaming the disaster on the event organizers. They must have been aware of their rules, as well as the fact that her primary style of entertainment is semi-nude dancing. So it makes no sense that they booked her despite the fact that she would be breaking both the law and usual practice.

This is not the first time Zodwa has faced worldwide criticism. She was barred from entering Zimbabwe about four years ago when she refused to wear panties to her performance, claiming that doing so would “compromise her brand.”

The singer recently divided Mzansi when she took her son Vuyo to “work.” To put things in perspective, he is only 13 years old, and she took him to the club. She stated that it is critical for children to understand what their parents do for a profession, and she wanted him to understand where his school payments came from.

She recently sparked outrage on the internet by posting a video of herself using muthi. She appeared to be praying in the video. She stated in the accompanying description that she would be adding the names of individuals who had offended her. She forewarned them that things would not go well for them, and that when they did, they would know it was because of her.

Zodwa’s muthi appears to have worked in reverse for her, as she is the one facing charges in a distant place not long after. She has yet to comment on the warrant.