Zodwa Soars Higher Amidst Criticism From Haters

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If there’s one thing Zodwa Wabantu won’t sleep on, it’s her money. That is the reason why she won’t consult haters about her brand.

Zodwa has monetised her brand better than most people, but her approach to marketing herself and her latest project, a perfume range, isn’t always conventional.

Still, she won’t “suddenly” take advice from Twitter know-it-alls.

“I know the fragrance wasn’t what people expected from me but I am a risk-taker and I will make sure the risk pays off. People can say what they want, but at the end of the day it is my money and I will invest it however I see fit. I didn’t ask for anyone’s advice when I started dancing for a living and being an entertainer. I won’t start now that I have a brand that feeds me and my family,” Zodwa told TshisaLIVE.

After she released her reality show and some merchandise, Zodwa decided last year to grow her entrepreneurial roster with a fragrance.

She released two scents of her new perfume, called Touchable Day and Touchable Night Eau de perfume.

Despite the naysayers, Zodwa is convinced the business ventures will prove haters wrong, and she’s been hustling like her life depends on it.

“Ok’salayo, I’m making money. It may not be a lot at this moment but I know it will grow even more as long as I hustle.”



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