Zimbabwe Health Workers Reveal Accepting Bribes to Let People Leave Covid-19 Quarantine Centres

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Zimbabwe Health Workers , COVID 19

In an alarming development, frontline health workers at Zimbabwe’s Covid-19 quarantine centres have willingly revealed that they are accepting bribes to let people at the centres leave. The health workers revealed that they are willing to compromise the nation’s health in order to make ends meet.

The health workers blamed the government for putting them in such a scenario where they have to compromise their health and integrity due to poor remuneration. iHarare has learned from online publication, Zim Morning Post that the health workers have accused the government of reneging on an earlier promise to pay them ZWL$200 per day as risk allowance. The frontline workers alleged that they only received the risk allowance for less than a month. They also revealed that they do not have any Personal protective equipment (PPEs) despite the fact that they work in a high-risk environment.

Speaking to Zim Morning Post, one frontline health worker said,

I work for the public service commission and stationed at the quarantine centre and it’s sad to tell you that people are not being paid their risk allowances regardless of the fact that they lives are exposed every day,”

We were promised 200 bond per day but up to now nothing has been paid and it seems as if there is something fishy at the public service. We are at risk as we are working with returnees, we have no safety clothing,”

Zimbabwe Health Workers Reveal Why The Are Accepting Bribes

Another health worker told the publication that they have now resorted to soliciting for bribes from people who will be at the quarantine centres to ensure that they survive.

Another employee working at a quarantine facility in Beitbridge said the officers had turned to corruption as the government was not paying them enough to cover the risks incurred.

We are now accepting bribes from the returnees as we cannot take care of our families back home. I can’t risk my life only to receive peanuts as remuneration,


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