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Zim Man Makes Nasty Discovery After Confronting Wife’s Boyfriend


A married Mandava man got the shock of his life after he confronted his alleged wife’s ‘manstress’ over the phone. In an audio recording making rounds on social media, the alleged philanderer had no kind words for his lover’s husband. Much to the jilted man’s dismay, the motormouth home-wrecker was incensed by the accusations that he was bedding his wife.

Instead of humbling himself and begging for forgiveness, the philanderer fired several scorching replies to the jilted man. After being asked whether or not he was having an affair with the man’s wife, the philanderer cheekily responded saying ‘don’t come to me with rubbish’.  As if that’s not enough, the accused also went on to call his mistress a ‘dog’ whom the accuser needs to keep on a tight leash.

In the audio, the combat-ready philanderer turns the tables and asks the accuser where he is located so they can meet. ‘Are you serious?’ the jilted man can be heard quizzing the homewrecker. The accused reiterates himself and asks about the accuser’s whereabouts. He finally gives in and reveals his location.

The alleged home-wrecker then says that he will call when he arrives, before abruptly ending the phone call. From the accused’s tone, he seemed to be itching for a physical confrontation. However, it is not known how the scandalous confrontation ended.


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