“Zambia’s Law Association Advocates for Non-Intervention in Political Party Matters”

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The Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) has released a statement underscoring the need for government institutions to avoid involvement in the internal workings of political parties. This call comes following recent events concerning the opposition Patriotic Front (PF), sparking debates on the boundaries separating governmental responsibilities from political party affairs.

LAZ President Lungisani Zulu expressed firm views, stating that government bodies should abstain from interfering in the internal affairs of political parties. Zulu specifically addressed the ongoing debates regarding the legitimacy of a purported list of PF officeholders, advocating for legal recourse to ensure a fair and lawful resolution.

In a press conference, Mr. Zulu emphasized the importance of the government considering diverse perspectives and comprehending stakeholders’ views on national issues. He highlighted the rule of law’s significance in such circumstances and suggested legal pathways to resolve disputes related to political party matters.

However, Chief Government Spokesperson Cornelius Mweetwa, also the Information and Media Minister, presented a differing standpoint. Mweetwa argued that government institutions engaging with political parties as part of their duties shouldn’t be perceived as interference in opposition affairs. He clarified that service provision differs from interference and asserted the necessity for institutions to execute their designated roles.

Mweetwa addressed LAZ’s concerns about increased opposition party member arrests, acknowledging the Association’s stance on upholding the rule of law. He clarified that the law is impartial and applicable to everyone, regardless of their political alignment, emphasizing that infringements will be handled following legal principles.

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