Zambian Women Trend On Twitter in Mzansi

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Cartier Zagorski Lebatie
Zambian Women have become somewhat an overnight internet sensation, as many in Mzansi are convinced they are keepers. The dating market demand for Zambian Women got high and some have even put them on a pedestal as relationship goals.
All thanks to the gorgeous Cartier Zagorski Lebatie, the former Miss Zambia Earth 2015. This renowned lawyer posted a video on twitter presenting a gift to her husband which pretty much shocked the guys and ladies in Mzansi. If anything most are convinced Zambian Women are loyal and are good lovers after finding out Cartier (27) has dated her now-husband since she was 17! 
Few can say that in today’s fast dating world.

This tweet inspire other women to view marriage differently and appreciate love as one tweep echoed

Cartier’s Tweet also sparked a lowkey Twar between some of the guys who came from “The Men’s conference” a few days ago and the ladies.

The Mzansi ladies werent about to take the many tweets like the one above laying down. Some responded like this:

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