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Amazing Things To Do In Zambia

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We all have to admit that Zambia is an amazing place. And as amazing as it can be, you can sometimes feel a bit too overwhelmed with the beauty of the surroundings and nature. That is why we have a few things that you can do whilst you are in Zambia. Trust us, they will definitely be worth your time.

Things to Do in Zambia

Guided Safari Walk Through Luangwa

Nature is truly amazing and the best way that you can experience nature is through walking. This helps you to feel the breeze on your skin, which in turn will definitely get you in touch with nature. And as you walk through Luangwa, you may be even lucky enough to see some of the animals. After all the walking, you will need to make sure that you rest. And according to us, the best place that you can do so is in the heart of South Luangwa. We would love to tell you more, about this fascinating place, but words will not be able to do it any justice.

Kasanka Migration

Kasanka Migration

On geographic channels and in some movies, we have seen migrations. Moreover, sometimes we may find them hard to believe. However, we do have one spectacular migration right here in Zambia that will blow your mind away, just like the service that you will get with Rescue Kings once your car has broken down and you need the best car breakdown recovery in Zambia. The Kasanka bat Migration takes place for about 90 days, this is form late October to mid-December.

Busanga Plains of Kafue

In Zambia, we have the Kafue National Park, which is one the largest in the nation. And within this great park, we have the Busanga Plains. This is one of Zambia’s most significant wetlands resources. Here, you can see the amazing game and other animals like lions, cheetah and wild dogs. Those who care to visit here can also have the time of their lives as they partake in activities like boat rides, and fishing.

The Victoria Falls

Zambia tourism

It would not be a Zambian experience if you didn’t take to visit the majestic Vitoria Falls. And before you embark on this great just make sure you have your car in order. However, if your car does decide to act up, up can easily get in contact with Rescue Kings they will be there to rescue your car and your vacation. That way, you can enjoy the full experience of Mosia-oa-Tunya or the Smoke That Thunders.

Zambezi River Canoeing

The  Zambezi River offers visitors a whole lot more. This is as there is more to this great river than meets the eye. Drifting along the Lower Zambezi can prove to be a pleasurable experience. This is as there is a big game to see and you have lodges that will give you the African Sunset view that is just breath-taking.