Zambia Airways Joins AFRAA as a Proud Member!

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At the 55th General Assembly, Zambia Airways didn’t just make a comeback; it made a significant impact by introducing the inaugural innovation platform for African aviation.

In its first appearance in decades, Zambia Airways made history by spearheading the creation and guidance of AFRAA’s groundbreaking collaborative innovation management platform. This pioneering step signifies a turning point for the aviation industry.

With unwavering support from the Secretariat and airline CEOs, Zambia Airways stands at the forefront of a new aviation era, one focused on heightened efficiency, safety advancements, and elevating customer satisfaction. This milestone launch marks the beginning of an impactful journey, fueled by collaboration and the essence of Zambian ingenuity.

The airline’s participation has not only marked its reemergence but also solidified its commitment to driving innovation and progress within the aviation landscape. This landmark achievement sets the stage for a promising future, one where Zambia Airways plays a pivotal role in shaping the trajectory of African aviation.

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