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Yvonne Nelson: “It’s Our Politicians Who Do The Killing”

Yvonne Nelson

Yvonne Nelson divided her fans when she shared her political stance on the current unfolding matter over the state and how they use violence to enforce the law. The discussion was brought to light following the tragic passing of African-American, George Floyd, which social media has attributed largely to the police brutality at hands of predominantly white law-enforcement.

However when Yvonne was highlighting the same problem in Ghana, she did not blame people of another race but pinpointed the people in power for the senseless lives lost. In her tweet that divided the reactions of her tweeps she tweeted, “In Africa,  it’s our politicians who do the killing- with hunger, (our) poor health systems, (the) lack of potable water,  (and) poor road networks.”

She explained that the means of “brutality” in Africa is not physical but “they don’t even have to touch you; their policies and greed will.” The strong stance called for stronger reactions. Her fans all shared their varying opinions, including one comment that suggested that Yvonne misled her following when vouched for ruling government in the position of power currently in Ghana.