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Your man’s side chick is not your problem


Relationships can oftentimes be complicated, it is very easy to be paranoid at every point of miscommunication or lack of communication. However, the bitter pill oftentimes to swallow is a lot of people cheat. Disappointments almost seem inevitable in dating, but this is not to say there are no loyal great couples out there, of course, there are and we all want a part of that.

About cheating men

Cheating is nothing new, and as sad as it is to admit, one still has to concede that its occurrence has now become so commonplace that it no longer shocks anyone. Men cheat, women cheat. Boys cheat, girls cheat; married or not, old or young the tendency is ingrained in everyone’s DNA and many seem to have chosen to explore theirs as wantonly as imaginable. Despite the rising popularity of the belief that women cheat more than men, it is still men who bear most of the cheating blame; either because they get caught the most or because they actually do cheat more than women.


What happens when men are caught cheating

In any case, one of the most recurrent themes, when men are caught cheating, is the reaction of their partners. When women discover that their boyfriend or husband has a side-chick, the reaction very often is to go after the woman in what is nothing but absurd, unjustifiable rage.

Why your man’s side chick is not your problem

Of the two people, only one person promised to be committed to you and it is from that person you should demand answers.

It is just sad,” says Nosa, a young Lagos professional. “Women who go after the other woman instead of their husbands or women have got their priorities wrong,” she concludes.

And she has a point. Your husband’s side chick could possibly be under an illusion that he has no one and could be just as shocked as you that there is another woman [you] in the picture

Whatever frustrations you have and fury you hope to express should be directed at your boyfriend, who promised and led you on to believe that you are the only one; before going on to promise the same to another woman. Instead of fighting the other woman, you should be strategising on dumping him or finding the best way to make him pay for doing you dirty.