You will not reduce my qualifications to my vagin#a – Mutale Mwanza

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Mutale Mwanza

A lot of Zambian women and men applaud Mutale Mwanza for taking a brave step to just address haters live on the radio while others criticized her saying that she used words that are unfriendly for radio. Mutale Mwanza says people should stop comparing qualifications to her s3xual! organs.

Among the people that applaud Mutale Mwanza was Alice Rowland Musakwa former miss universe, and renowned international model speaks on how disappointed she was on some of the Zambian people and her support towards Mutale Mwanza response “I don’t have time this year for any nonsense or stupidity, ino year tulekokana. It has got to stop. Don’t ever reduce my qualifications to my V@gina” – Mutale Mwanza

A few days ago mutale Mwanza expressed anger at social media haters who have continued to label her as a “prostitute”.

Mutale Mwanza

During the Red Hot Breakfast show on HOT FM, Mutale Mwanza, could not hold it but describe all those who allegedly calls her “prostitute” as “Kwindi’s & Pushi” literally translated as rats and cats.

Mutale Mwanza, is one of a few self-built radio personalities in Zambia who has worked so hard to be where she is but some Zambians attribute her handwork to prostitution. Last year she blasted one known political supporter whom she questions if she had slept with his father for having called her a “hule” hoe.

However, everyone should know that if it wasn’t for women, then we all would have never been born. A woman sacrifices a lot of things in her life. Yet, somehow she finds happiness in those things. I hope we, as men, find happiness in giving women the love and respect they deserve.

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