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You Can’t Probe Party’s Source Of Funding- Eddie Mwitwa



IT is illegal for investigative wings to quiz political parties’ finances because there is no law that compels them to disclose the source of their funding, former Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) president Eddie Mwitwa has said.

Mr Mwitwa was commenting on the recent investigation by the Drug Enforcement Commissions (DEC) against the Patriotic
Front, pertaining to funds
spent on campaign adverts.

He said there was nothing in the constitution that said that political parties could be questioned over their finances. He said a law which was supposed to deal with that had been drafted since 2016 but had
not been enacted which made it difficult for them to get such information because it was not mandatory.

Mr Mwitwa said that once enacted it would enable parties to disclose their sources and also the limit of the donations.

He said there was need for judicial interpretation because they might have their own law that guides them to do so.

Mr Mwitwa said the current situation was dangerous because nobody knew who was funding who and that people could even sell the country to the highest

He said countries like the United States had such laws where parties declared their donors and to what extent.

Mr Mwitwa said it was only safe for all the parties to disclose because some times terrorists would be involved and it would be too late to reverse the situation as they would have already benefitted millions.242091181_3212083165693141_7226622088605183947_n