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You Can’t Leave Out Tasila If You Are Targeting To Arrest HH, Panji Tells Lungu


Panji Kaunda


By Patson Chilemba

You can’t move and take a look at a privatisation case that took place over 30 years in the past, whilst leaving the 3-year previous prison case dedicated by means of your individual daughter, ruling PF member Colonel Panji Kaunda has mentioned.

And Col Panji mentioned the Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) has discovered essentially the most handy excuse to refuse to provide a place on President Edgar Lungu’s daughter, Tasila, the usage of the pretext that they might now not reply to Daily Revelation since the newspaper printed their inactivity to answer the click question for over two months.

Speaking with Daily Revelation, Col Panji mentioned President Lungu and his executive had been preoccupied with bobbing up with a fee of inquiry into the privatisation procedure, the method by which opposition UPND chief Hakainde Hichilema was once employed as a central authority advisor, however was once being accused of the usage of the location to learn himself from the state property.

Forum for Development and Democracy (FDD) chief Edith Nawakwi, underneath whose wings the privatisation procedure was once performed as finance minister, has been accusing Hichilema of getting benefited himself all the way through the method, allegations the federal government has purchased into, and proposing to get a hold of a fee of inquiry.

However, Col Panji questioned why the federal government may just embark at the alleged improprieties dedicated a long time in the past, when there was once a concrete prison offence dedicated by means of Tasila, over the fencing of a countrywide wooded area (Chimtengo), in Sinda, Eastern Province.

“You can’t go and try a case of over 30 years and leave the case of three years. Let’s do them at the same time. What is good for the goose is good for the gander,” he mentioned.

Col Panji mentioned whether or not LAZ had grown chilly ft at the subject or now not, the truth stands that the Ministry of Lands and Environmental Protection has given a verdict that Tasila dedicated a prison offence, however that they had been discussing the subject with a purpose to unravel it.

“The Ministry should take steps to ensure people who fenced the forest are taken to court because if we don’t we are saying there is justice for some people and no justice for others,” Col Panji mentioned, including that his personal father Dr Kenneth Kaunda sanctioned the arrest and prosecution of his son, Kambarage, over the dying of a tender woman. “My father said let the law take its course. My brother was charged for murder and sentenced. My father was asked, ‘if he is found guilty to hung, will you sign the sentence?’, he said yes. He was only acquitted on appeal in the courts.”

Col Panji additional demanded to understand how some distance the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has long past of their investigations over his criticism at the awarding of street contracts in Eastern Province, and the bidding for the Beit Stadium in Chipata awarded for Housing and Infrastructure minister Vincent Mwale. He mentioned he was once looking forward to motion, particularly that that they had indicated that that they had finalised investigations into the subject involving Mwale.

And Col Panji has suggested stakeholders to have interaction the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) on how the elections are going to be run, to keep away from unlucky scenarios like what took place in Malawi, the place their fee tousled at the preliminary elections, which ended in protests and violence, till contemporary elections had been held.

He mentioned stakeholders will have to in finding techniques on how the ECZ would transmit effects from the facilities around the nation, as on this virtual generation, it was once simple to hack into the digital machine and manipulate the consequences. He mentioned he was once involved particularly that complex countries just like the United States of America had been elevating severe issues with their very own coming elections. – Daily Revelation