Women demand a retraction and an apology from Sean Tembo over his offensive ‘menstrual cycle’

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THE Non-governmental Gender Organisations’ Coordinating Council (NGOCC) has condemned the sexist and demeaning language used by opposition Patriots for Economic Progress (PEP) president, Sean Tembo.

In a recent facebook post Mr Tembo shockingly equated the monthly fuel revision to women’s menstrual cycles.

NGOCC chairperson Mary Mulenga said in a statement that efforts to engage the opposition leader by some concerned women and stakeholders have been downplayed, undermining the critical role that women play in the development process of the country.

She said Mr Tembo’s illustration is not only disrespectful and demeaning, but an outright insult on women.

“We expect our politicians to be gender sensitive even as they conduct their politics,” she said.

Ms Mulenga said the comparison of monthly menstrual cycles to fuel revisions is an insult and a mockery of the women’s physical make up for which they have no choice.

“As a women’s movement we demand that Mr. Tembo to retract his offensive and insulting post and apologizes to the women and citizens of this country. We would like to reiterate our appeal to politicians to practice issue-based politics devoid of insulting, sexist and demeaning language on any gender.

As a national leader and one aspiring to the highest office of the nation, it is our considered view that Mr Tembo would conduct himself as a role model for women, men, girls and boys alike,” Ms Mulenga said.

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