“Wizkid’s Influence, Combined with Flavors of Drake and Justin Bieber, Reflected in Singer Crayon’s Style”

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Renowned singer Charles Chibuezechukwu, known as Crayon, boldly asserts his musical lineage, likening himself to the Grammy-winning sensation Wizkid while also embodying elements reminiscent of Canadian icons Drake and Justin Bieber.

Taking to his social media platform on Saturday, Crayon expressed his sentiments, declaring, “I sense echoes of Wizkid within me, intertwined with the essence of Drake and Justin Bieber!”

Further emphasizing his self-awareness, Crayon elaborated in another post, clarifying that his humility doesn’t overshadow his awareness of his inherent talents. “My humility doesn’t obscure my awareness of my abilities and the essence I carry within!” he remarked.

Expanding on his perceptions, he extended the comparison to his fellow artist and label mate Rema, suggesting resemblances to Burna Boy, with touches reminiscent of American rappers Travis Scott and Playboy Carti. “I perceive Rema as a reflection of Burna Boy, infused with the essence of Travis Scott and Playboy Carti!” Crayon expressed.

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