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Winnie And Rethabile Respond To Song Theft Allegations

Rethabile, Winnie And Rethabile Respond To Song Theft Allegations, Rethabile Khumalo

Winnie Khumalo and daughter Rethabille have responded to claims of song theft that had tarnished Prince Kaybee’s reputation.

The mother and daughter duo have come out to clear Prince Kaybee’s name and prove that the song DJ TruMpeT alleges was ‘stolen’ from him, is actually theirs.

Prince shared a snippet of himself in studio with Rethabile producing a fire song. Taking the spotlight away from them was an upcoming DJ TruMpeT took to Twitter and shared the first version of Isivunguvungu ft Rethabile which is now the song Umlilo hitmaker is working on with Prince Kaybee.

To clear Prince’s name they made a video where they explain how the music industry works. Winnie and Rethabile stated that they work with different producers who come with their own beat. They then come with their own lyrics and bring in the vocals of which remains their property should they part ways with a DJ.

This incident lead to Prince being accused of song theft and tainting his reputation.

Watch the video below:

The upcoming DJ apologized to Prince Kaybee however his war is with Winnie Khumalo who is threatening to send him to court. The DJ shared screenshots of Whatsapp conversations between him and Winnie and is left disheartened of the treatment he has been receiving.

He has been ignoring Winnie’s calls as he claims she shouts and cusses him out and threatens to take him to court.

The caption translates to: “You will get used then a person uses their name, after that they treat you like this. This woman enjoys abusing me however God is watching.”