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Will Western Countries Take Over Zambia’s Economy Under Bally?



Thoughts of Chishala Mwamba…

Following Ballys victory, there has been a significant amount of speculation by such social-media platforms as ‘The Candidates’ and people like ‘Nakachinda’, and other insignificant ‘opposition party’ voices as to how the western powers will now take over Zambias economy and loot our resources.

Truth be told, Zambia has been trading with both the West and the East since it’s independence.

Trade with the East intensified when China rolled out a vicious resource mobilization plan, of which Africa happened to be fertile ground for trade in that regard.

Bally critics are confident that the China Zambia situation is what will return under UPND, except it will be with EUROPE/AMERICA this time around.

However, these Bally Critics are missing some important points.

1. The benefits derived from international trade are more dependent on how good you negotiate DEALS as a nation as opposed to WHO you are negotiating with.

For example, China is America’s biggest trading partner, but America’s economy is not controlled by China and vice-versa.

Moreover, countries like Rwanda have realized more benefits in trading with China and the West while Zambia has not because we did not have the marrow to negotiate effectively.

2. Zambia has little to show economically from the time it has spent with China in bed.

For those of you who do not know, the Chinese are able to do anything to get a contract and are highly compromised in terms of bribes.

Because of the Chinese, most PF guys became very rich while most Zambians continued getting poorer.

The Chinese then later turned to abusing workers in their work places without fear of the Authorities, simply because the Authorities had already gotten a lions share.

Keep in mind, most projects were OVERPRICED in collaboration with the Authorities.

3. Who will Zambia trade with?

Ceteris paribus (holding all things constant);

As always, Zambia will trade with the world, starting at regional level to global level.

Except this time around, Zambians stand to benefit more than before.

4. Will Zambia benefit from International Trade as opposed to being dominated?

Ceteris Paribus again;

Zambia currently has one of the most effective, smart and brilliant business negotiators as its president.

Given Ballys capabilities, Zambians can be optimistic that we shall seat on the negotiation table with the USA🇺🇸, CHINA 🇨🇳, ENGLAND 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿, or whoever and negotiate to the benefit of the Zambian people.

Like Bally said, it will be a “win-win kind of trade” with the outside world.

Nakachinda who is MMD and other doom sayers should stop deceiving the Zambian people by assuming Zambia is about to lose its sovereignty to the West.

May God bless Zambia 🇿🇲


Chishala Mwamba
Patriotic-Afro Optimist