Why Zodwa Wabantu Craves Younger “Energetic” Men

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Zodwa Wabantu

The way Zodwa Wabantu seems to crave for younger men is quite interesting and also disturbing. Trying to understand it one may assume older men can be controlling so it would not work with her lifestyle. Some are also of the impression Zodwa has a higher s.e.x drive and she feels only younger energetic men can satisfy her. However, is Zodwa was a man would she not have been persecuted and branded in the same group as R Kelly.

Zodwa Wabantu

The dancer, who is not cagey about sharing her personal life with her fans, took to her Instagram page to explain what attracts her to younger men some time ago to help us better understand her.

“I think I have to explain the Ben10 or young boyfriend thing with Zodwa Wabantu,” she began.

“They are young, adventurous, outgoing, ambitious. They have their dreams ahead of them. so, when it comes to mine, I’ve already lived my life. I don’t have a controlling old man that wants me to clean and cook for because I have a busy life. My younger lover when he’s busy and I’m also busy, it’s a win-win situation. There is no stress when you date a younger person,” Zodwa explained.


Zodwa, who was previously engaged to Ntobeko Linda, is now dating a younger man by the name of Vusi Buthelezi.

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She recently posted a picture of herself cuddled up with Vusi.

“I will Only Date a Handsome Boy. Young, in Black Society they call him Ben10 @costahdolla I love being in love. I don’t want Stress in my Life [sic],” she captioned the post.

Zodwa and Ntobeko were just about ready to walk down the aisle when she announced that they’ve gone their separate ways after a few breakups and makeups. In the aftermath of her breakup she said she wanted to free Ntobeko as he was still growing and that she’s not happy anymore in the relationship. Very shortly after the end of her engagement, Zodwa went public with Vusi but social media users are not happy about her relationship with some even calling her a predator.

Here are their comments:

“When we deal with the issue of Itumeleng Khune and other men being associated with ‘barely legal’ young women we must address how society romanticises such partnerships, our ‘beauty and the beast’ fairytales and how wrong it all is”

Zodwa Wabantu if she’s dating an 18 year old is a bloody predator. Khule if he’s dating/sleeping with an 18 year old is a bloody predator..Sies on both them. Sexual predators tend to rely heavily on age of consent of 16&18. A 34 year old and 45 year ifunani kuma teenagers?”

“What Khune and Zodwa Wabantu are doing is predatory behaviour. It might be legal but it’s deeply problematic. NO!”

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