Why Women Should Initiate S.E.X

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After s.e.x,

Society and culture have to an extent messed things for us, a confident woman s.e.xually sadly has never been celebrated. Men end-up searching for excitement outside relationships because we have conditioned it as a society that a woman cannot initiate s.e.x in a relationship. But the truth of the matter is a pro-active woman who initiates it makes the relationship exciting and less of a routine. It is not surprising that its the side chics who wait for you with nothing but lingerie and Jimmy Choo shoes on, the main chics don’t do this maybe that’s why guys get bored and outsource. Take initiative ladies!

Not only has it been claimed that the average male thinks of s.e.x at least once in a day, but men have also been known to initiate s.e.x twice as much as women do! Also, a lot of women do not feel comfortable initiating s.e.x, because of social conditioning that has led them to believe that being the s.e.xual aggressor renders them a ‘slut’ or a ‘whore,’ and for people with such mindset, to initiate s.e.x is to be subjected to shame and ridicule.


These reasons have somewhat made it ‘natural’ that men should be the ones to always initiate s.e.x and get every happy hour started. For women in relationships and marriages, though, you can’t afford to think this way. Letting your man initiate s.e.x all the time, and refusing to take the lead is not good enough. You need to learn to take the bull by the horn. And this is not something to begrudgingly do occasionally or once in a blue moon.

You have to become comfortable enough to do this as many times as possible. One reason for this is that while men have no qualms making the moves on you for s.e.x, it gets to a stage where they can’t decipher if you really want to do it, or if you are just doing it because they want to do it. And really, this could douse the s.e.xual spark in that marriage or relationship. S.e.x is better when both partners have confidence that that’s what the other person wants at that moment.Couple

Secondly, men also want to feel wanted. It is mind-blowing for many when they are chased and openly desired. So, when you leave s.e.xy messages on the bathroom mirror about what awaits him in the bedroom later at night and actually make the move on him, it does a lot of good for that s.e.x life of that relationship. Again, covertly/actively asking for s.e.x from your partner is good for his ego and the overall happiness in that relationship or marriage. While every woman is meant to know this, it is more important for women in relationships and marriages as it could be the difference between having a healthy s.e.xual life and having one that’s lukewarm and boring.


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