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Why Women Are Protesting #Womensmarch2020 [VIDEO]


The fire that Mutale Mwanza started took the city by storm, Women’s March 2020. The women celebrities came together yesterday to be a part of the “You Will Not Reduce My Qualifications To My Vag!na movement. The being woke culture has taken an unprecedented level definitely, it is interesting how the women responded when asked why they were marching yesterday.

Part of the celebrities which were there were Alice Rowland Musukwa, Cleo Ice Queen, Mutale Mwanza, Ethel Chanda, DJ Loso, Roxy Jones, and Nkashi Yandi. The ladies were asked why they took it the #WomensMarch2020 to the streets and as usual Mutale Mwanza had the most radical response. Watch Video for the highlights of the Women’s March 2020 and their responses to  being Asked :
Why did you March today ?
Who are you doing it for ? Below: