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Dating Married men

It’s a biological process that exists across species; in which females are more attracted to males based on the endorsement of a third party.

Nonetheless, here are 5 reasons why mate copying is a thing. Or why ladies might be attracted to married men.

It’s Likely A Woman Thing

There’s plenty of evidence that animals of both s.e.xes practice mate-copying. But evidence only suggests that in humans, it is women who practice mate copying. Long story short, one woman’s treasure is another woman’s treasure.

One study published in PLOS One found that women thought married men more attractive. They spent significantly more time looking at pictures of potential suitors when they were depicted as married or in a relationship. But the effect did not extend to men looking at paired women. So mate-choice copying does not explain the whole MILF thing.

Not Just Some Women — Most Women

One recent study presented a photograph of a man to college women. Researchers found that 90 percent of them were attracted to the man; even after they heard that he was in a relationship. But when the women were told that he was single, only about 59 percent were interested.

The Attraction Fizzles Out In A Short Time

Younger women are more likely to be attracted to married men. And it’s the same with inexperienced women. This is according to a study. Conversely, mature, experienced women possibly have more sophisticated ways of assessing potential mates. Interestingly, the same study reveals that the influence of mate-choice copying appears to have its limits, and when men were depicted as having five past relationships, even inexperienced women knew enough to tap out. A man on his first marriage is far more attractive than a man on his fifth.

You’re A Beautiful Married Woman

Younger women are likely to be attracted to your husband if you’re gorgeous. The stock of a taken man seems to be boosted not by his own good looks, but by the appeal of his partner, research shows. The study found that, when people were coupled with a more attractive mate, the mate-choice copying effect grew stronger. So the good news is that you’re way out of hubby’s league. The bad news is that this makes single women wonder if they missed something when they gave him the once-over.

Ultimately, Women Still Respect the Ring

One study had women interact with men who were wearing wedding rings; then interact with men who were not. When researchers asked a series of questions afterward, women reported that men without wedding bands were more attractive than married men. When they were asked who they’d rather have dinner with, have s.e.x with, start a relationship with, or invite home, ringless men won out across all four domains.

An attraction means mostly nothing if nobody is acting on it. So if you can forgive the indiscretion of youth and inexperience, this should just make you a very amused married woman. If nothing else, it should make you appreciate your husband’s daddy belly. Yes?

source: Afriparent.com


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