Why We are Angry at Rihanna

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Personally I have had enough I am done fam. Rihanna seems to have abandoned us her fans. Can you imagine the last album she dropped was in 2016 and you are telling me up to now she couldn’t have just released an EP or something to keep her fans busy. It is just sad, it seems she has now only focused on business and fashion she has forsaken the gift which gave her the platform. There are fears amongst some that even if she does release, it has been too long she may be out of touch. Often times the artist that are consistent tend to make better music than those who take long breaks then try to come back.

The singer previously claimed R9 (which would be her 9th album) would drop before 2020 started. Fans have been waiting not so patiently for months for the music to be released. Earlier this month, Rihanna trolled her fans with an Instagram post. The superstar posted a video of a dog rocking out to the song “Jump Around” by House of Pain. She wrote, “update: me listening to R9 by myself and refusing to release it.”

Many fans were anticipating a midnight drop from Rihanna. Once that didn’t happen things spiraled downhill. Fans took to Twitter to express their frustration. One wrote, “Rihanna said she was gonna be releasing new music in 2019. It’s now 2020…”

Another suggested, “instead of y’all hacking celebrities phones and twitter accounts why don’t y’all make yourselves useful and hack Rihanna’s laptop and release the new album.”

“rihanna told everyone her new album was gonna come out in 2019 but she lied and all she did was release a photo album. beyoncè posted pics that were just pitch black and got us all speculating,” said one fan.

R9 is the unreleased ninth album by Rihanna which has no official release date.

Her last album “Anti” was released in January 2016. The one before that was 2016’s “Unapologetic.” Rihanna has been getting harassed for new music for over a year.

At the time one fan theorized that R9 would be released in days. They wrote, “01.25.16: Rihanna tweeted this.. 4 days later ANTI was released 12.22.19: Rihanna via Instagram «me listening R9 by myself » THE ALBUM IS COMING THIS FRIDAY 27th.” They were clearly wrong looking back.

Rihanna even took to social media to publicly apologize to her close friends and family. She was sorry for being MIA for a bit. She said, “to all my friends/family/coworkers who I have yet to get back to in the past months…please forgive me. this year has been quite an overwhelming one, and I’m working on that ish called Balance. brb.” The singer didn’t expand on the details but was quickly shown love by friends. One friend wrote, “You so much sis 2019 kicked everyone’s Ass. Rooting for you ALWAYS Queen.”

Sources revealed, Rihanna caused pregnancy speculation during a recent secret video shoot.

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