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Why Gin Ideal is going all ‘Gin and Tonic’ in unprecedented move


Gin Ideal [Photo: Instagram @ginideal]

Totally rebranded and raring to go, Kenyan female singer Virginia Maina aka Gin Ideal is leaving nothing to chance as she gears to release her new album in the next few days. She is strutting a fresh look – all matured up both as a musician and a young entrepreneur – and talking big as her team gets ready to re-launch her and give her art a spin.

“I have been in the music scene for some while now and I believe it is time for my complete music takeover. Having made my showbiz impact both in Kenya and Uganda, my focus is now to popularize my music across other parts of Africa. That is why my new project is big. That is why I have made unprecedented move working on collabos with artistes nobody expected me to. And that is why this will be ‘Gin and Tonic’. It’s a cocktail of sorts. This will be Gin Ideal serving a new concoction,” says the Shuga singer.

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“See, there is a way people sometimes put you in a box. At some point, people branded me as a dancehall act and probably that is what they knew of me. My new album features a variety of genres and cuts across ages and geographical boundaries. It’s rich in content while still maintaining that feel-good touch. Personally, an anxious about this and all my fans should be too,” she remarks.

Gin Ideal [Photo: Instagram @ginideal]

Having started off at Grandpa Records with club bangers like Rede (featuring Wyre) and Kuna Kitu, the singing beauty later moved to Taurus Musik where she released the PMVA award-winning Balance It (featuring Ketchup),  Sina, System (featuring Dufla) and Shuga among other tracks. She then moved into beauty products entrepreneurship last year before focusing on the new album.

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“I’d say Grandpa Records gave me a platform to start off as a singer. I also learned songwriting while there. With time, I have learned to carry music professionally and as a business. Time has matured me up and my latest projects do say it all. I also owe it to people I have met on the trade – who have helped make me the star I am today. I don’t want to give it all out but Gin and Tonic has a number of Kenya musicians like NaiBoi as well as other leading artists from East Africa like Spice Diana,” she reveals.

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