Where Is Iris Kaingu??

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Iris Kaingu

Today marks almost over a month since we last heard from Iris kaingu from anyone of her social media platforms. It is a bit rare for an influencer like Iris Kaingu to spend this long without sharing anything.

We are prompted to wonder is everything ok with the Queen of Zambian pop culture. Most of her fans are wondering the same thing where is Iris? Is she ok in this Coronavirus dispensation? could she be a victim? Or maybe she is just doing some soul searching.

Iris Kaingu started a foundation called Iris Kaingu foundation, which aims to bring aid to less priviledged communities. Could this be what is taking her time?

If anyone has any idea where our Queen is kindly tell her the spotlight just ain’t the same without you girl! Yes, we have Mercy Mukwiza, Sarah Chibwe, Mutale Mwanza, and Alice Musukwa, but they are just not IRIS KAINGU, it is not the same. Here is what she last posted before she went M.I.A on us:

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