What To Do During Lockdown?

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The rapid spread of Covid-19 has the whole world on meltdown, in the country, the government has been even forced to implement a lockdown in some areas to flatten the number of cases from the pandemic.

The words, lockdown, self-quarantine and social distancing have become buzzwords, as scores of people have been lamenting that their lockdown period has been dull.

We still have a few more days to go right? So we thought of some fun, but rather empowering activities, that one may engage in to overcome being bored and feeling lonely.

Music and reading heal your soul, you don’t have to feel like a stranger we are on this lockdown thing together. Here are some exciting activities that may keep your day going.

1. Read.

You can read books or online news, and of course not forgetting Nalebrity- your number one-stop-shop for the latest juiciest and freshest celebs gossip, right? This helps to refresh your mind and get your day going.

2 Cook.

The competition is very high on social media, people have been spending most of their quality time cooking and showing us their mouthwatering dishes, so why not do it if you can?

3 Indoor exercises.

We know that some of you are now on the verge of becoming couch potatoes and that means more weight gains, so get up and fetch your body, you can exercise Indoors. Those squats and exercises can shape your body. Don’t forget to mediate too, it helps a lot with mental health.

4. Watch Movies and News.

Stay updated with the latest news around the world and what measures have been put in place to deal with the outbreak of the virus.virus.You can even watch movies because they help to brighten up your day and give you an escape to the harsh realities of life.

5 Grooming and taking care of your skin.

You can also get that face glow with your facials, guys don’t forget to groom so that you can look dapper and clean when you step out and also don’t forget to wash your hands and practice those enhanced hygiene practices.

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