What is Bill 10 Really about?

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Bill 10 zambia

Maybe you have just been hearing about this bill yet you have no idea what it is that has got a lot of people’s feathers ruffled up about this Bill. Well here are some answers to help you understand what we found out. BILL 10 Major Content-Apparently is a bit disturbing and causing concern.

It is impossible to defend the contents of Bill 10 because they are entirely injurious and against the will of Zambians.
No one Patriotic Zambian can defend this as it strays away from our constitution.
1. A President who can negotiate his or her way into State House after losing an election, via a strange coalition clause.

2. A Parliament where the ruling party can increase its seats at will.
3. The Cabinet being able to contract debt without any control and then also waste it as the FIC is weakened.

4. The President is able to create and realign provinces and districts at will.
5. Limitless Ministers and the return of limitless Deputy Ministers.
6. Elections that are academic because the ruling party can achieve 2/3 majority in Parliament by just increasing nominated members and then be able to change the constitution as they please.

7. A Bank of Zambia with no control over money or on financial banks.
8. A President whose mental and physical capacity to hold office cannot be investigated.
9. The ruling party that can legally use public money to campaign during elections as Ministers stay in office.

10. The President being able to increase or reduce the number of Judges in the Supreme and Constitutional Court at will.
Again I say no one even in the PF discusses the content of #Bill10 . They cannot because these changes were not asked for by Zambians. More importantly, not even the PF are so mad as to be able to defend madness.

source: zambian Observer

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