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What Animal Are You During S.E.X?

What Animal Are You During S.E.X?

Experts agree that all humans have an animal spirit, and that spirit relates to our personality.

So, what type of animal are you in during s.e.x?

Experts break it down for us:

1. Penguin

You aren’t into the whole hookup culture mentality. One-night stands just aren’t appealing to you. You enjoy s.e.x the most when it’s with the love of your life, because looks aren’t everything. You need to have a spiritual connection with someone, as well as a physical one.

2. Dog

You don’t want to sleep with a stranger. You want to sleep with your best friend. You only hook up with people you get along with well, which is why you always have an amazing time in the bedroom. Even if you don’t end up climaxing, you won’t care, as long as you got a good story out of it. Talk about a dog eat dog world.

3. Cat

You’re independent. You don’t need a partner in order to have an earth-shattering orgasm. That’s why you don’t mind going home alone and m@sturbating instead. The 0rgasms you give yourself are usually more intense than the ones your partner would give you, anyway. Catwalk mentality.

4. Horse

You’re active and adventurous. You actually like getting on top, because it means you get to show off your hot body and hip thrusting skills. You also love trying new things, so whenever your partner mentions one of their kinky fantasies, you’ll agree to act it out. No questions asked.

5. Deer

You’re highly sensitive, so every touch feels intense to you. If your partner does something small that you don’t like, like play with the wrong hole, you’ll go running. But if they do something small that you love, like kiss your neck, you’re going to have the most amazing 0rgasm of your life.

6. Monkey

You get bored if you stay in one place for too long. You like to move around, which is why you’ll bend yourself into dozens of different positions during s.e.x. You’re also a fan of the outdoors, so if you get the opportunity to have s.e.x on in the park or inside of a tent, you’re going to take it.