Home Zambia News WE’RE ALREADY DOOMED…PF intentionally forcing Lungu down our throats – Syakalima

WE’RE ALREADY DOOMED…PF intentionally forcing Lungu down our throats – Syakalima


DOUGLAS Syakalima

UPND chief Hakainde Hichilema’s senior guide Douglas Syakalima says humanly talking, President Edgar Lungu is hell-bound because of his iniquitous doings to warring parties.

On Wednesday, The Mast quoted a Livingstone Central Constituency PF parliamentary hopeful, Evans Fenete, announcing Lungu must retain the presidency subsequent yr, or: “we will be doomed.”

Syakalima known as The Mast to present any other size of the doom that awaits the ones within the PF.

“Yes, they will be doomed because Lungu doesn’t qualify to be re-elected. That is the first thing that Zambians must know,” Syakalima wired.

“These PF people are doing deliberate efforts to force Lungu down our throats. [But] Lungu will not pass down our throats. First of all, you can’t say ‘if Lungu is not re-elected then we are doomed.’ No! We are already doomed. So, if you were preparing for Lungu to be re-elected, you are wasting your time.”

He believes the Lungu presidency would completely expire in August subsequent yr.

“Lungu’s time is finished! He will not appear in the next election and that is according to our Constitution. The PF are doomed and they must just start preparing for exit,” Syakalima, the Chirundu UPND member of parliament, stated.

On President Lungu’s bet in Lukashya Constituency, Kasama on Tuesday that the UPND would by no means rule Zambia, Syakalima laughed on the President.

“He knows that the UPND has an eligible presidential candidate. But him will never be President again because the Constitution doesn’t allow him. As an individual, he is not allowed [by the Constitution] and he will never go anywhere,” he stated. “We have heard before of never, never, never. ‘This party will never be this, this one will never be this…’ He is not God! Suppose I tell him today that he is going to hell; what is he going to tell me?”

Syakalima informed President Lungu that: “with all these atrocities he has been committing, would I be fair to say he is going straight to hell when he is called?”

“He will definitely say ‘are you God?’ But seeing the sins that he is committing now, he is a good candidate for hell, humanly speaking,” Syakalima charged. “But I cannot be definitive that he is going to hell. Maybe he will be repentant before he dies.”

Syakalima additional famous that once President Lungu infers that the UPND would by no means rule Zambia, “maybe he is talking about in his lifetime.”

“But does he know for how long he is going to be on earth? Is he predicting something? You cannot just say never! The truth of the matter is that the UPND will rule Zambia; I don’t just know his lifespan,” Syakalima stated.

He underscored that the Lungu presidency was once headlined via marked atrocities.

“He has committed so many atrocities. Right now you have seen how people are hacking each other under his nose. If you saw today (on Wednesday), the PF cadres were smashing a UPND vehicle at Shoprite in Kasama, in broad daylight – 09:00 hours – and the police were watching,” Syakalima lamented. “That is under his watch and he was right in Kasama himself! He is the one who is supposed to stop violence but it’s like he is a perpetrator and he is perpetuating it. He thinks that probably violence will help him. But violence doesn’t help anybody.”

He famous that President Lungu was once fallacious if he thinks he’s going to scare Zambians with backed violence.

“People have refused to be scared. So, let Lungu sit down with his Kampyongo and negotiate a safe exit [from power]. What is the idea of him, who will not stand next year, wanting to bring chaos?” Syakalima stated

“There comes a time when people say enough is enough of a dictator and this is what Zambians are now saying to Lungu. Let him not dare the people too much.”

Syakalima identified that Africa was once replete with examples of bold despots.

“[But] where are they today? This is not a threat but a historical fact! If you don’t follow history, you are condemned in the dustbin of history itself,” stated Syakalima, additional cautioning President Lungu to be very cautious with what he utters in public.

“When you are Head of State, you must know what to say. This is why those who handle him must be giving him written speeches because the man’s tongue is loose. You can bring the country into chaos when you a Head of State with a loose tongue. You must guard what you say as a mature President.”