We will not deny Jesus Christ Diocese Bishop Benjamin Phiri has said

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LIKE the bible narrative “Let he is without sin, cast the first stone,” Catholic Ndola Diocese Bishop Benjamin Phiri has bordered his send off message of the late Father Deodatus Mbebe who was killed in the late hours of Monday in a similar manner.

Bishop Phiri has rebuked people for their concentration in only speaking and publishing the negatives about the late Fr Mbebe stating that those shaming him are equally of sin.

Bishop Phiri says that those shaming the late Fr Mbebe and are even seeking to pull away from the church are hypocrites and Jezebels who run after priests.

The death of Fr Mbebe brought about a media frenzy after it was alleged that he died near his girlfriends house.

In the Catholic church those ordained into priesthood and vow to serve God are not allowed to marry, which has sent alot of speculation around members of the public as to why the late Fr Mbebe was in a relationship from as far back as 2002.

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