We need a Truth and Reconciliation Commission

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Dear President Elect,

We need a Truth and Reconciliation Commission

We need to establish the roots of the PF militias and its secret operations during the entire PF reign. The citizens need to learn who were the drivers behind this violent project and the crimes that were committed against citizens using these thugs.

We also need to peer into the weaponization of tribalism and hate speech that manifested in the PF through individuals like Chanda Nyela, Bizwell Mutale, Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba, Chishimba Kambwili, Sunday Chanda, Antonio Mwanza and outgoing President Edgar Lungu himself.

Zambians want to know the financial crimes of a various nature that were committed by the PF leaders, their surrogates, business partners and party cadres.

All these matters should be brought to the surface through a Truth and Reconciliation Commission in order not only to prosecute the perpetrators, but to offer justice, healing and closure to the victims that were brutalised by these criminals.

If these issues are not exposed through the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, posterity will judge this generation harshly as there’s likely to be a repeat in future after we are all gone. The only way to deal with a rotten painful wound, is to open it up, sanitize it and then let it heal.

Edmund Siwale


A PF youth group that calls itself “The Americans”. They are based at Inter-City. They wear Military attire and calls each other names like “Commander”, “Soldier”, etc.











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