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Exotic Dancer Bev Sibanda Opens Up On Hardships


Queen of dance and leader of the Sexy Angels dance troupe, Beverly ‘Bev’ Sibanda has opened up on the hardships that people in the entertainment industry, particularly club dancers are facing.

Bev revealed that most dancers are struggling to cope due to the coronavirus induced national lockdown which is now in its fifth month. The talented dancer revealed that she has been forced to assume the role of breadwinner for the members of her dance troupe who have been rendered jobless by the lockdown regulations.

Speaking to the local tabloid, H-Metro, Bev opened up on the group’s struggles saying,

“We all know that life is no longer the same, especially for us in the creative sector where we relied on public performances.

“As it stands, the Covid-19 pandemic has rendered us jobless and the majority of the dancers who used to provide entertainment from Monday to Sunday are jobless.

“As a group leader, I can’t forsake them now because we have been together for a while.”

The vivacious dancer went on to say that she was using her personal savings as well as money from her United Kingdom-based husband to support herself.

“Of course I have my savings but my hubby has been helping me a lost to pay domestic bills.

“If I get something extra, I always think of my group members who also look up to me for survival as has been always the case.”

Bev revealed that she had been paying the bills for some of her band members, she emphasized that they needed to think outside the box in order to fend for themselves.

“I have a loyal male dancer who has been us from day one and is the one who is giving me headaches since he needs money for rentals.

“I have done my best to cover for his rentals but there comes a time when the life becomes difficult for everyone.

“As for other female dancers, some are into buying and selling of perishables and I have taught them to think outside the boxes.

“There are however some who have boyfriends who have been supporting them but that is not a guarantee.

“It’s now time for everyone to do something which can bring food on the table than relying on handouts.”

Bev also lamented the fact that music promoters and well-wishers were giving aid to musicians while ignoring the plight of the struggling club dancers.

“I have been following all those people who have been handing hampers to dancers but we seem to have been forgotten, especially club dancers.

…We are a nursery of such dancers but we are forgotten when there is aid which is being given out for free,” she said.

She noted that the pandemic has made it clear that those in the entertainment industry, just like everyone else, should have savings and investments to help them during turbulent times.