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Watch! Sthembiso Khoza Pays Tribute To Shona Ferguson One Month After His Passing


Watch! Sthembiso Khoza Pays Tribute To Shona Ferguson One Month After His Passing. The late Shona Ferguson left a huge void in the entertainment industry after his death. It’s been a month since the actor and producer succumbed to COVID-19 related complications following a lengthy hospital stay and his fellow industry mates are taking to their social media accounts to reflect on the positive impact that he has had on their careers and lives.

The Queen actor Sthembiso Khoza is one of the many actors who have poured their heart out about how much they miss Shona and his pearls of wisdom. Taking to Instagram, Khoza shared a video of a Live he was having with shona where they spoke about actor getting their flowers after they are deceased. Th Kings Of Joburg actor penned a message about how much he misses Shona who was like a big brother to him

Having known him for eight years, Khoza describes their relationship nothing short of amazing and he is grateful for everything that he has learned from the late actor from their times together.

“I MISS YOU MR SHO. In the 8 years I got to know you, I swear they were nothing short of amazing. I learnt so much from you and I am forever grateful for every single thing you did for me personally and professionally. Your legacy lives on Mr Ferguson, until we meet again BIG BROTHER” he wrote.

Gomora actress Thembi Seete also took the time to pay tribute to the late Shona with a one of his popular inspirational video’s. Seete reflected on the time where she had made up her mind to never return to the small screen following an unpleasant experience that she had. This led to her losing confidence in herself until her encounter with Shona where he asked if she would ever consider returning to acting.

Thembi who aspired to star in a Ferguson production shared her wish with Shona and it’s safe to say that the rest was history. The veteran actress describes her time shooting with the Ferguson’s as the best time and this also led to her working with Shona on other productions as well.

I remember 4 years I was at the point were I thought to myself, I will never act again because of the bad experience I had. I’m not going to get into details, but I lost confidence and I stopped believing in myself. It’s just so happened that one of the days when I was shooting, I bump into Mr Sho And he asked if I’ll ever consider acting again but then my response to him was, if it’s it’s your show,I’ll do it in a heartbeat. I had the best time shooting #TheGift And then kings of joburg came through” she wrote.