WATCH LIVE: President Elect HH addressing the Nation

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Monday, 16th August, 2021


“This victory is for the people, especially the youths. This was your election.”

“We pray that we will be worth your trust you have exhibited in us.”

“One Zambia, One Nation is not a simple matter, but we will walk the talk starting with the cabinet.”

“To those who voted for other candidates, we extend a hand of friendship to you all.”

“We will be servants for all our people in the 10 provinces of Zambia.”

“Mark my words, at the end of 5 years, we will pass with flying colors in our campaign promises.”

“To get a job, your surname will not matter but your qualifications and competence for the job.”

“People sang ethnic songs and spread hate message but they lost to us in their own town. Now is the time to forgive such people for the do not know what they were doing.”

“We are victims of violence and demonization. We are not replacing people from the outgoing brutal regime.”

“We are not going into office to arrest those who arrested us, then we are no different from them.”

“Few days from now, there will be no bus stop or market that you will be afraid to go to wearing any political regalia.”

“We thank our competitors for conceeding defeat and congratulating us. This is your victory as well as you will see in the next few weeks.”

“To take us out of government, you will have to work harder because we are raising the standards but third term is not part of our language.”

“We will have Zero tolerance to corruption.”
“The journey will be tough but we will not disappoint you.”

-HH, President elect

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