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Watch: How Mutale Mwanza Graced Lusaka July


Lusaka July has always been the creme de la Creme of events in Lusaka as celebrities and everybody who is somebody in Lusaka would be a part of it. What else says creme de la creme of Lusaka than Mutale Mwanza. Yes, We are a little obsessed about this African goddess.

This Year’s Lusaka July was almost compromised due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Fortunately, it was only delayed not cancelled. You would almost think Covid-19 was no more the way our celebrities weren’t masked up on this event, but that is another story.

Mutale Mwanza has got to be the Queen of Zed pop-culture because turning heads is something she just does naturally. Her fashion sense really has got many taking out notebooks. If she wasn’t a media personality am sure she would have even thrived as a fashion stylist because her game is always on point.

Mutale Mwanza was kind enough to share several clips and pics from this premium event.