Vuyo Dabula on sleepless nights shooting Queen Sono

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Queen Sono Season 2

Heartthrob actor Vuyo Dabula’s hustle game is on steroids. This as the actor told Daily Sun that while filming Netflix spy series Queen Sono, he barely slept a wink. When I got a call from Kagiso, I thought the series was interesting. I wanted to see how it would pan out,” he said.

He said the genre was also fascinating because Netflix was doing it. He said: “The character Shandu gave me a chance to get into a different side of me. I’ve had a long career and this is one of the few characters that I played where I used words to express myself.”

“I felt like I could find something and work with something here. Between shooting the series and the other show, I barely slept, because of the call times, but so may people do many things at the same time, so I’m not complaining. Meanwhile, the brains behind the series Kagiso Lediga, who is the creator and executive producer of the series, said the inspiration behind creating the series was born out of an interest he’s always had in the spy genre.

“We sat with Pear, who had always wanted to do something physical and we’ve always wanted to work together, so this was the perfect opportunity. We came up with the idea of a female spy, who works across the continent,” he said.

Kagiso said it was fulfilling to have shot the film in 37 locations around the continent, as it not only showcased its beauty, but the talent.

“In 2020, you Western nations still believe that we don’t have buildings, so it was important that we hold our own and tell our own stories, instead of always consuming theirs,” said Kagiso.


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