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Violent Riots In Minneapolis: Funders Cut Ties With Police Department After George Floyd’s Murder

Minneapolis Police, George Floyd

Funders such as the University of Minnesota say have cut ties with the Minneapolis Police Department as widespread violent riots, looting, burning of shops, and police station continue in Minneapolis, Minnesota in the wake of the death of George Floyd earlier this week.

The university says they will be making immediate changes to their relationship with the Minneapolis Police Department which was responsible for the death of the 46-year-old George Floyd. Cancelling contracts with the Police Department will see the Police Department defunded.

In the official letter, the University president, Dr. Joan Gabel announced the cancellation of the multimillion-dollar security contract for concerts, events, and lectures.

Violent riots in Minneapolis This comes after horrifying videos of George Floyd being killed during an arrest by four police officers went viral in America spiking a massive protest from people who believe this was racially motivated.

Violent Riots And Looting

For the past two days, the city of Minneapolis in Minnesota has witnessed violent riots and demonstrations, in which demonstrators smashed police cars, looted supermarkets and burned down buildings in protest against the death of George Floyd, an African-American man after he was subjected to violent treatment by policemen.

One of the Police department alleged funder – Target supermarket was violently targeted by protesters for supporting the department and because it wouldn’t sell milk to tear-gassed protestors.

US Police brutality against African-Americans dates back in time immemorial and has seen its peak in recent years, hundreds of years after the Slave trade was abolished. This has forced some to demand an executive order that announces a state of emergency for the protection of all African-Americans in the US.