Village Witchcraft Causes Chief Grief

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Witchcraft Zambia

WIDESPREAD reports of witchcraft are now irritating Chief Mwansakombe of the
Ng’umbo people in Chifunabuli District. What is more worrisome is that the traditional leader cannot do anything about it because the law forbids hitn. Chief Mwansakombe revealed that the witchcraft issue is a massive challenge for him. He said while his subjects demand for justice whenever they suspect someone of practicing witchcraft, the law on the other hand, gives hilt) no room to act.

“Witchcraft cases are very irritating. They are endless and no one can do anything about
it because of the existing law. There are a lot of witchcraft cases in the chiefdom and I am
always at the receiving end. Chief Nlwansakornbe said there was always a case of
witchcraft on the cause list each time the traditional court was in session.
Court cases in his chiefdom are held twice in a week. The traditional leader said he handles big cases such as witchcraft accusations and land disputes while his sub-chiefs
take care of smaller cases.

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