Video: Unathi Nkayi dealing with Woman who damaged her Car

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Not only did a “good Samaritan” help fix Unathi Nkayi’s keyed car, the presenter has also revealed she knows the identity of the young woman responsible for damaging her car and is dealing with her through legal channels.

Unathi came out of the gym in November last year to find that her car had been keyed.

She showed the extent of the damage through a video posted on social media at the time. In the video Unathi could be heard saying the person responsible needed to work on themselves instead of projecting hatred on to her.

Taking to Instagram this week, with her “brand-new looking” car, Unathi reminded fans of the incident and also updated them, saying she knows the suspect and is dealing with her legally.

“Do you remember that one Monday morning? We had just won the World Cup on the (past) Saturday and my car was in a devastating state…”

“So that day, was the day a young lady keyed my car and I say young lady because we know who she is. We’ve got her on camera and we are dealing with her the legal route.”

The Idols SA judge went on to thank the “good Samaritan”, who she calls Themba, for generously helping her.

Watch the rest of the video below:


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