VIDEO: Pastor Passes Away On Pulpit, leaving congregates in shock

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Another scandal has hit the church. What started out as an inspiring and vibrant sermon went south really fast as the man of God suddenly faced his demise. It took a while till congregates realised it was not part of a performance but they had actually lost their pastor. The pastor sat as if to catch as breathe as he was preaching then he just collapsed and rolled to the flow.

This shocking event had many speculating as to what may have caused the Pastor’s demise. Some are of the view that the work of God is sacred and if you stray from the path of God you are supposed to excuse yourself from church duties as what befell the pastor is what would happen.

On the other has many believe spiritual battles are real and it is vital for congregates to keep their leaders in prayer as the enemy roams like a lion to take down those who work against him. Those who believe themselves to be rational on social media dismissed all the other theories saying it was a clear heart attack that took the man of God when he was on the pulpit. Events like this tend to shake people’s faith, it is for one to get worried and think if a pastor of the church can not be protected especially whilst delivering a sermon what more the mere congregates. Watch the video below and witness how this tragic demise happened.


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