VIDEO: My colleagues pressured me to petition the election results – President Lungu

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President Lungu has said that the ruling Patriotic Front will not petition the just-ended presidential elections despite pressure from his close allies.

Speaking when he attended the burial of former Patriotic Front (PF) Northwestern Province Chairperson Jackson Kungo today, who was murdered during the elections. President Lungu said that petitioning the Thursday election results will bring tension in the country and this must be avoided.

President Lungu said that the tension which happened in 2016 was too much which must be avoided.

The Head of State said that he has been under pressure from close allies to petition but he personally refused to petition in order for peace to prevail and that he did not want the tension that happened in 2016 to repeat itself this year.

“At the end of the day the tension that we experienced in 2016 we are going to feel it and at the end of 14 days there will be a lot of damage that will be done to Zambians,” he said.

President Lungu said that those who want to petition the Parliamentary results can do so but it is not necessary at the Presidential level

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