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Vera Sidika Throws Tantrum Over Failed Instagram Show

Vera Sidika

Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika has been forced to apologize to fans after her planned Instagram Live concert dubbed Sin City failed.

The bootylicious beau was set to host several of her bootylicious friends on the Instagram live, where they would entertain her followers by showing off their twerking prowess.

When the time came, a seemingly high Vera Sidika went live, but ended the feed just after 10 minutes, which prompted Queen Vee to issue a statement on the same.

In a post , Ms Sidika said that the live which had already attracted tens of thousands of viewers did not happen because there were too many requests and comments coming in at the same time, which made the live crash.

She also apologized to her followers saying that she will fix the situation and have the show as soon as possible, as she appreciated them for tuning into the show.

More than 42,000 views in 10 minutes. WOW. I appreciate y’all for tuning in tonight even though my IG live crashed & the show didn’t happen 😩😭 I’m so pissed. I had my big Booty girls set aside for tonight & due to overwhelming requests & comments couldn’t get them to come in 😭😩 Show didn’t happen but I’ll fix this soon I promise 🥰 Apologies for any inconveniences caused. Love y’all ❤️💦🍑” said Vera Sidika.

Reactions from fans who tuned in to get a glimpse of what Ms Sidika had in store for them showed a disappointed lot, because they did not get what they expected.