US is now king of ventilators – Donald Trump

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Trump said the US had enough ventilators and he was willing to help other countries in need of the medical equipment – The US president said he was pushing for robust coronavirus testing which will pave way for quick reopening of the economy – Among the tests he wanted conducted was the antibody examination which will show how many people had been exposed to the virus – Those who had already been exposed to the disease, Trump said, will be allowed to go back to work – Though not proved, medics believe after a person is exposed to coronavirus and gets healed, they become immune to the disease – Kenya had acquired at least 500 ventilators and five local companies were waiting for approval to start manufacturing the equipment.

President Donald Trump has boasted that the US has the highest number of ventilators in the world despite biting global shortage, declaring America the ‘king of ventilators’. Trump said US was ready to save lives of critically ill coronavirus patients with breathing difficulties even as the number of infections in the US crossed the 710,000 mark, out of which at least 40,000 were deaths.

The head of state, who was vigorously pushing for reopening of America’s economy, said just as he was right about acquiring enough breathing aids, he was also correct that robust testing will pave way for people to get back to work. “Just like I was right on ventilators (our country is now the “king of ventilators”. Other countries are calling asking for help – we will!). I am right on testing. Governors must be able to step up and get the job done. We will be with you all the way,” Trump tweeted Sunday, April 19.

In the recent past, the president has been lobbying for random antibody testing which will help identify people who had already contracted the virus and healed. Such people, Trump said, will be allowed to go back to work and resuscitate the economy which has been left struggling to stay stable in the wake of the pandemic.

“The vice president (Mike Pence) will lead a call with our nation’s governors to help develop tailored strategies for their states. We will give them a list of companies producing high quality machines that can do the testing,” Trump said in an address on Saturday, Apil 18, where he also slammed a section of governors for not utilising resources given to them by the state to ramp up testing.

New York governor Andrew Cuomo, however, on Sunday criticised Trump for pushing the states too hard yet the national government had not yet equipped them with capacity to do robust testing. “The federal government should also do its part in expanding testing even as the president calls for reopening of the economy. You can not pass the buck before passing the bucks,” said Cuomo.

In his obsession with sending people back to work, Trump has been backing section of Americans protesting the stay at home order issued by authorities in Michigan, Virginia and Minnesota.


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