UPND – Lungu Must Go No Matter What

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President Lungu

BWEENGWA UPND member of parliament Michelo Kasauta says Zambians must not turn a blind eye to the current happenings in the country.

Kasauta said the ruling PF must begin to pack their bags in preparation for their exit in 2021 because they have failed the economy terribly.

“We the people must not turn a blind eye to the current happenings in the country but stand up to defend what is right. People are no longer free due to dictatorial tendencies while majority of the people in rural areas go to bed on an empty stomach,” he said.

Kasauta said Zambians deserved the best and not the misery that the PF regime had brought upon them.

“President Edgar Lungu will be accountable for all the misery that people are going through now in the country because he chose to be a leader. He must not cry foul when criticised and Zambians must feel free to criticise him,” he said. “If he is not ready to be criticised, let him pave way because this is a democratic country. If he feels being criticised is an insult, then let him step down and pave way for a democratic person to take over. This is all what we can advise him.”

Kasauta accused the PF regime of endangering the lives of many citizens.

“Mr Lungu must go in 2021 at all cost. Let us unite as citizens across the country and ensure that come 2021 general elections the man is gone for good. Zambian people are not harassing Mr Lungu, but it’s him who is injuring citizens by failing to improve the economy,” he said. “As citizens we must do something to save our future generations by voting PF out in 2021 and the only saviour around is HH (Hakainde Hichilema).”

Kasauta said the ‘dying’ economy was no longer a hearsay but a reality which everyone could see.

“PF must begin to pack their luggage in preparation for their exit in 2021 because I doubt there is any well-meaning Zambian who is going to vote for PF with the misery it has brought to them. This brutal regime has completely failed this country. There is no one under PF who can turn around things,” he said.

The lawmaker said President Lungu’s government had no capacity to reduce the cost of living, fuel prices, electricity tariffs as well as taking development to places perceived to be opposition strongholds.

“It is in black and white for everyone to see what is happening in the country. The man cannot stabilise our economy. The kwacha has demonstrated the poor quality leadership of PF and if the Zambian people vote for PF again the price of a 25kg bag of mealie meal might hit K1,000,” Kasauta said.

He said the clock was ticking and that Zambians were tired of the PF.

“Zambians must unite and defend democracy and they should never be afraid. Let us work extra hard, this Zambia is ours and will remain ours. PF is a smoking gun; if we continue allowing it to rule beyond 2021 the country will no longer be the same,” Kasauta said.

He urged citizens not to give in to PF injustice and threats but fight for their rights.

“For the first time in the history of our country farmers are subjected to sleeping in the corridors waiting for fertiliser, a thing that has never been seen in this country before. This is the reason why UPND will never give up on the people of Zambia. President Lungu and his PF are the number-one domestic enemy of the citizens of this country,” said Kasauta.

source: The Mast

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