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UPND In Hurry To Amend The Constitution to create a one party State and Introduce Lesbianism, gayism, transgender rights- Nakachinda



August, 26, 2021 [Smart Eagles]

Fellow Zambians, patriots and democrats,Country men,women and youths:

Firstly,allow me to congratulate His Excellency Former President Dr Edgar Chagwa Lungu on His display of patriotism and preservation of Zambia’s international credentials as a warm heart of Africa by choosing to facilitate a smooth transition of government even when there were options to achieve otherwise as exhibited in other jurisdictions: yet again Zambia has been made proud by this great son of Africa.

May I take this opportunity to yet again congratulate Mr Hakainde Hichilema and the UPND for forming government.

We wish to state that, His Excellency Former president Dr Edgar Chagwa Lungu has demonstrated true statesmanship and risen above all even when the election was characterized by events that could have rendered it nullified ;

Violence murdering people in cold blood,but President Lungu rose above and put the interest of the nation first.

Even when the legacy of his administration is cast in concrete evidenced by the massive infrastructure; be it in the roads, bridges, the hospitals that have been built in his administration, clinics and universities, take for instance; when the Patriotic front administration took over from the MMD, Zambia had only 2 public universities, today we have 7 and others being constructed, students across the country having access to student loans.

Mr Hichilema and the UPND have come with many promises, and shall protect Zambians by ensuring that Mr Hichilema and the UPND deliver each one of the promises they made,we must ensure they deliver free education from pre-school to university and now that schools have opened, all parents should only prepare groceries and supplies because school fees are all sorted;

Failure to which,I urger all students in universities and colleges to petition Mr Hichilema as he delivers this juicy promise,we are going to petition and picket free education and shall see to it that they deliver a pay rise for civil servants.

We shall work for Zambians and protect them: we are aware that there are people outside Zambia with special interest to use Zambians to advance neo-colonialistic agenda facilitated by a widespread ethnic crusade exhibited by the statistical outlook of the just ended tripartite elections.

Zambians shall not be used by agents of neo-colonialism .

We shall protect the assets of Zambia, protect the people of Zambia and to this effect, we question the interests of the West in Zambia especially with regard to the just ended elections, because the signs exhibited so far seem to point to the fact that Mr Hakainde Hichilema is just but a puppet of the West and therefore the UPND must be held accountable as we go on.

Lets avoid the repeattion of 2001 where the country was almost divided due to witch-hunt,where in 2006 we saw how the voting pattern was,muchinga, northern and luapula where on their own, central province rural,went on its own,and copperbelt rural, southern, western and North-western provinces went on their own,the country was almost divided boardered on ethnicity.

Usually after winning elections, governance stake holders forget their role and get carried away with wind, some scamper for jobs and wanting to associate with the change. That’s when abuse of authority is highest when everyone is not looking. That’s when we must be vigil. When everyone is celebrating everything, there requires gatekeepers.

President Rupiah Banda and President Edgar Lungu, you are the two remaining Father’s of the nation. Play your role, dont abandon it. Keep the new President in check, we shall not allow him to run it like a farm where the farm owner is the alpha and Omega.

Zambia shall remain a country of laws. There is a wave of petitions that has been observed so far around the country It’s a systematic process to build numbers their aim is to amend their constitution to reintroduce a one party state and to fulfil his commitment towards the liberal network to remove the christian clause and the introduction LGBT rights Lesbianism, gayism, transgneger rights. That’s why their god father is here Olusegun Obasanjo to achieve that agenda. We reaffirm our faith in the Judiciary as they continue dispenisng justice.

The Judiciary must also rise to the occasion in dispensing Justice. The Judiciary has no feelings, knows no face. They must remain steadfast as they have always. At one time in MMD days the courts became a launchpad for ethnic persecution. And the nation was divided, and that’s what birthed a strong PF.

Lessons are there for everyone to see. If we so wish, let us go back there and see who will have the last laugh.

Hon. Raphael Mangani Nakacinda
Former Water Development Minister